Feedmethemes – a website with ready-made templates for any type of content


Everyone who has a blog or a company website knows how difficult it is to find the right way of representing it. To find the right person or company, most suitable colors, the position of text and pictures – all this staff need to be done. Fortunately, Feedmethemes offers a lot of ready-made themes. Let’s find out what themes are there.

A variety of templates for everybody

When you open the website, the first thing you’ll see is a special box for choosing a web site template. There’re the main categories which help to make a choice: the price, the type of platform and the website category. Also, after scrolling a little bit down, visitors will find an option of choosing the color.

So, there are free and premium templates, which mean that the one who has just started a blog won’t pay much. For example, we’ve found a free variant for blogs on the page of which Feedmethemes’ developers show how the gallery, full width, left and right sidebars and the basic grid will look like.

There’s a template for every platform

The thing users like the most is the range of platforms offered: HTML, Drupal, Magento and WordPress. Yes, there’re free html templates! The quality of design doesn’t depend on this factor, all variants are eye-catching and comfortable for usage. All themes are updated every month so the website will look fresh and modern.

Types of content are unlimited

Don’t get it wrong and think that this service is suitable only for bloggers. It doesn’t matter what you want to sell or to speak about, Feedmethemes gives so many categories to choose from. Just look at the numbers: 21 variant for wedding websites, 19 for those which are devoted to real estate, 453 for business and services!