DOC or PDF: what is the best format for your files?


When it comes to PDF and DOC, each file format has a range of benefits. Your choice depends on the tasks that you need to complete. Consider the pros and cons to convert your files into the best format.

Word vs PDF: when to use each file format

When comparing PDF and DOC formats, you may wonder which one to choose. However, your choice depends on the tasks that you need to perform with their help. Each one has its weak and strong sides that should be considered.

When to use the Word format

This format is great for:

  • Word processing;
  • Reusing images;

Images in Word files are easy to reuse and extract, unlike the PDF format because its images are embedded. Another difference is that PDF isn’t a word processor, unlike DOC. Word files also provide such benefits as grammar and spell checking.

If you’re interested in editing, Word is a powerful tool because it offers a number of intuitive compositional and formatting tools that enable you to format your files. With PDF files, you have only limited editing options. The good news is that you can easily convert PDF to Word online. Look for helpful tools that allow you to do that for free and save your money and time.

What is the best format?

Word is a great choice for making changes and editing, while PDF is a popular option for sharing and viewing documents. You can keep original files in the Word format and convert them to PDF when appropriate.