What is Cryptocurrency Mixing and How to Do It With Bestmixer – Not For The USA


Owners of cryptocurrency, especially companies and services, should know about mixing. It’s an opportunity for everyone to stay anonymous not only for cybercriminals but for government too. In this article we’ll explain the principle of mixing process on the example of Bestmixer and find out what’s wrong with the USA residents.

The principle of cryptocurrency mixing

The way it works is very simple: such services mix your coins with the currency from other users. As a result, it’s impossible to find any connection between names, addresses and money. For every new transaction a mixer creates a temporary address to which the coins are sent to. After the process is finished, the income address becomes inaccessible.

Bestmixer features

The mentioned service is the same to the others but it has some special details which worth our attention. First of all, the number of allowed coins is four: Betcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum (soon). It means that almost everybody can use Bestmixer. Secondly, there’re three options of mixing pools, the funds which users making money in: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The difference between them is the set of coins, the first consists of clients’ money, the second one combines clients’ and investors’ currency and the third pool is full of only investments. Moreover, everyone can regulate the delay time of a transaction.

The USA is out of the game?

As it’s said in Bestmixer’s terms of use, the USA residents (involving companies, services and a lot of other individuals) aren’t allowed to mix coins there. It may be connected with American laws but it isn’t mentioned on the website.

Visit the Bestmixer website to get more information and stay anonymous in your actions on the Internet.