How to make sure that push ads are effective?


Push notifications are short messages that your subscribers receive even when the browser is closed. There are many marketing tools for sending push notifications that return buyers to the site. Find out how to use such services and how to make sure that push ads work effectively.

Analyzing the effectiveness of mailings

Use metrics that will increase the effectiveness of push ads, for example, the number of openings of push messages and transitions to the application for each type of notification, or how much the number of orders through the application will change after the promotional codes are distributed. Depending on the type of application, you can analyze different types of user activity: time in the application, the number of read materials, sharing materials in social networks, etc. The main thing after the analysis is to use these data so that these metrics help in working on the monetization of the application.

Optimal frequency of mailing

The excessive frequency of sending push notifications irritates users but sending out newsletters too rarely may result in the missed opportunity to make customers a good offer. The optimal frequency of sending messages depends on your audience and application, but it can be determined experimentally. Spend several distribution cycles at different intervals between sending messages and measure their effectiveness, so you can determine the optimal frequency for sending push notifications to your application.

Offer to enable push notifications

Some users do not agree to receive notifications when installing the application. Encourage users to receive notifications using the system of internal alerts in the application. Describe the benefits of the subscription and show them when the notification is beneficial to the user.

A/B testing of newsletters

In push messages, as well as in email newsletters, you can conduct A/B testing. Using split tests will help find out, which messages work best. Test different message formats, formulations of notifications, images, calls to action, etc.

Trigger messages

Configure and continuously measure the automatic distribution of messages, based on user actions. For example, in mobile store applications, you can use the same types of notifications as in online stores:

  • A reminder of the filled basket
  • A notification of the appearance of goods in the warehouse
  • Special offers on the product you like
  • The offer of accessories to the recently bought goods