How to Choose the Most Profitable Crypto for Investment


For those who don’t know which crypto is the best. ICO Catalog will help to make a decision. Ratings, charts and articles published there are useful and up-to-date.

There are too many coins appear every day. So it’s hard to predict the behavior of new tokens on the market. Investing in popular crypto seems safe but it doesn’t mean big money in future. So how to estimate the potential incomes and make a decision?

Follow the tendencies

To know everything about new crypto use some reliable services with objective information. ICO Catalog is one of them. There are almost 300 names including cryptocurrency Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin and absolutely new tokens. The authors publish coins every day and create ratings to compare them.

Make comparisons

When choosing cryptocurrency, look at popularity, mobility and security first. Then, estimate future profits by looking at the market capitalization and activity. And don’t forget to check potency, evaluation, traffic, messages, and EAP. The dates of start and end also matter. All of them can be seen on the mentioned website. A unique thing they provide users is a number of backlinks which is taken into account too.

Create your own cryptocurrency

If you can’t find a suitable variant, make your own tokens. Prepare everything from a team to work with to a high-quality Whitepaper and start attracting investors. This risky step can bring you more than investments in someone’s cryptocurrency. Of course, it takes much time and powers but good products always find the customers.