American car brands and companies – see everything there!


This website helps people to find out more information about car brands made in America. If you want to get on well with cars – that’s what you need!

There are plenty of luxurious cars which brands are famous everywhere. The mentioned website collects information about all of them to help people in choosing or just for general education. The USA cars are also displayed here because there was a time when the USA improved greatly the car production.

The old American cars

Firstly, let’s take a look at the old brands. There were more than a thousand of them but we will tell you about them generally. The most famous cars were Plymouth, Fargo, DeSoto, and Chalmers. Some of them are under Chrysler control and some vanished. But these American car brands made it possible to improve and increase car producing.

Today’s brands and companies

We all have heard about Jeep, Ford, Chevrolet or General Motors. Maybe, some dreamt about having a Cadillac, Buick, Tesla or Lincoln. These cars mostly combine comfort with speed and innovativeness. Ford, for example, takes care of buyers and tries to make the price lower. But the quality doesn’t suffer from it. Ford produces luxury cars and sports autos; it combines daily routine with the speed of abroad trips. And Cadillac can be truly called the engine of the American car industry. It has created such things as injection and cooling systems, catalytic converters and more new tools for cars.

All in all, American cars have long and glorious stories. But if you visit, you’ll know more about other countries’ cars from Australia to Italy.